How do we treat personal information when booking travel? TPF travel is leading a register of the personal information you have provided in accordance with the Norwegian Personal Data Act (POL). The information is been used to complete our obligations to you. Necessary information is submitted to our partners such as airlines, hotels and bus companies. We also use the information to give you information, offers and services in connection with the trip via e-mail, telephone, SMS and postal mailings. When you have traveled with us, your personal information is stored in a customer record that can be used for marketing purposes or market research in TPF Travel's group. If you say yes to the offer m.m. or is a member of My TPF side, you allow TPF Travel submitting offers, information, newsletters, surveys, etc. via e-mail, phone, sms and mail. You can always say no to this. TPF Travel, is responsible for personal information. Those who want information about what information is registered may apply in writing.

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