TPF Travel offers trips mostly without tickets. It appears always clear where and when tickets are included in the price.


Why we do not offer tickets to all of our trips?


In the old days - before the Internet - travel companies  often got more favorable tickets from the airlines. Not so anymore. Travel companies do not get better terms than individuals. The only exception is when travel companies book a group trip early in the season and thus secures more favorable than what tickets are available at a later date.


Our service aim is personal attention for everyone, around the clock throughout your stay in Bulgaria. Therefore, we have limited the number of participants on most travels to be 10 people. And then we are not able to get a large group discounts from the airlines.


Therefore we see no reason to require our travelers expensive fees when you as a solo traveler can easily find much cheaper tickets on the net on your own.


When do we offer our flights included?


We offer that exclusively on our course and conference travels to large businesses. Only then we can negotiate better prices for travelers.

We help you though with tips, possible flights and airports - and may well book for you, but we must then calculate a small fee!