Our dream was fulfilled .......
Dear bridesmaids, marrying are some of the biggest steps you've taken and will take in your life. Therefore, this is one of your life events that you want to be different, perfect and memorable. Yes, a dream come true.
If it's to be a memorable experience, it's often too much to be done and it costs, unfortunately, often too much in terms of time, effort, energy and not least money. There will be a date, ceremony, receptions, flowers, food, decorations, invitations, pictures, dresses etc, etc., etc, etc.
In order to save all of this and to be able to concentrate only on the positive and enjoyment of this day, we have been in TPF travel.
We can take care of both the engagement, the extras and the wedding itself. Then you get the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful country in maybe two more visits. It will be different, you do not have to do so much yourself and last but not least, it turns out that your entire trip will be cheaper than in Norway. .
Tell us about your wishes and requirements, and we'll put up a suggestion.


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