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Thalassotherapy, caviotherapy, magnotherapy, PUVA and laser therapy and treatment with quality unbeatable limanleire and medical leak in a great health center in a 5 star hotel. All this gives you access to the geographically small, but historical and natural resources, the big city of Pomorie, which also has long-standing traditions and Via Pontika. Yes, here you can experience 12 unique things at once. The beautiful seaside town of Pomorie was built over 3000 years ago and was called by the tractors as "holy", mainly because of the healing properties of both the thermal water, the salt water, the liman clay, the leak and the air rich in ozone, negative ions, ultraviolet rays and iodine, released by the tank in the ocean in the form of gas. The properties of the site and natural resources have become known already in ancient times, but the matte become the year 1942 before the leak from the Bulgarian salt plant and the liman camp were tested in a German laboratory and found that the quality was unbeatable compared with all other deposits of lemon and clay in the world. So .. healthier, completely natural and healing surroundings you find elsewhere in the world. Between the treatments, it's great to just relax in a five-star setting, but do you work? Can we immerse yourself in Unesco-protected Nessebar and Sozopol with their magnificent churches, museums and crafts. If we are lucky, we can get the chance to admire some of the 269 bird species that have been observed in the trekking route, called Via Pontika, which the birds use on their way from Europe to Africa. We can end the days at the coast with delicious seafood, romantic music in good company, the sunset and the ocean's mysterious breeze.

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